Walk When the Moon Is Full

Fran Hamerstrom was one of the pioneers in science-based wildlife management.  Even before the Crossroads was given the beautiful James Ingwersen portrait of  Fran Hamerstrom, some members othe Friends of Crossroads were aware of her as a writer.   But through she  published over 100 professional papers and 10 books on wildlife topics, the teachers in our volunteer group knew her as the author of a charming children’s book called “Walk When the Moon Is Full.”

The book tells of the outdoor adventures of  Hamerstrom’s own two children.  In the chapter “How It Began,”  she wrote: “At last [Alan] turned to his mother and sighed, “Do we have to go to bed early every single night until we are old?”  The answer was “no”  so  she and her husband promised their children that for a year,  they would walk as a family every time the moon was full. Inspired by this little book, Friends of Crossroads  invite local families to do the same. On Friday,  September 20  we invite learners of all ages  to walk in the moonlight to the fire at our  Council Ring to roast marshmallows, pop popcorn  and listen to readings from Fran Hammerstrom’s charming book.Participants will gather at the  Collins Learning Center at 7:00. The event is free and open to the public.


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