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Crossroads at Big Creek provides 7 total miles of year-round recreational trails.


The trails are open 24 hours per day and every day of the week. Pets and bicyclists are welcome. In order for the Crossroads experience to be positive for the greatest number of trail users, we ask our visitors to follow the Trail Etiquette Guidelines listed below.


Five miles of ski trails are maintained for Nordic skiing with both classic and skate lanes. Crossroads staff use Yellowstone grooming equipment to insure that the trail conditions at the Crossroads are generally superior, even at times when snow conditions elsewhere are marginal or icy. Trails usage is free, but donations are cheerfully accepted in the contributions box at the trail head. Two miles of separate hiking trails are provided for snowshoe enthusiasts. Snowshoes can be used off-trail.


All Trail Users, please:
  • Respect the plants and animals.
  • Avoid behavior which will cause stress to animals.
Pet Owners, please:
  • Keep pets on leash and under control at all times.
  • Remove droppings from trails.
Hikers and Runners, please:
  • When snow is present, stay off ski trails.
Bicyclists, please:
  • Yield to pedestrians.
  • Follow “the rules of the road.”
Skiers, please:
  • Inform other skiers when you are approaching.
  • Use the word “track” as a request for the right of way.
  • Be aware of the stride track.
  • Yield the track if asked to do so.


  •  Removal of plants, animals, rocks, minerals, and artifacts is generally not permitted.
  • Collecting for educational and/or scientific purposes may be permitted with consent of the naturalist.
  • All motorized vehicles are prohibited.

Crossroads’ trails were created and are maintained by the volunteer organization, Friends of Crossroads. The City of Sturgeon Bay, through its Tourism Board, provided the grooming equipment. Memorials for Chan Harris and Ole (LeRoy) Olson and a grant from Wal-Mart underwrote the creation of the Trail System.

A generous grant from Ministry Door County Medical Center provides funds for on-going maintenance.

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