Winter 2017 Newsletter

Navigational Aids…

Just returning from a trip to southwest Arizona, I can attest to the value of a good navigation system and iPhone app traveling in areas of congested traffic and unfamiliar roads. Relying on that familiar voice in my car (not my wife) to get us to our destination provided the opportunity to enjoy the scenery along the way.

The Crossroads Board of Directors decided that we too could use a familiar voice to guide our efforts and programming as we face challenges and opportunities along the road into the future. That voice will come from a Visioning and Mission retreat we have scheduled in the upcoming year.

We have enlisted the guidance of Bret Bicoy of the Door County Community Foundation and our Friends of Crossroads organization to help with the process. Board members Gretchen Schmelzer and Colleen Elliott will be organizing the exercise and contacting our ever-vigilant stakeholders for inputs and vision of Crossroads at Big Creek’s trek into the years to come.

On the topic of navigation, Rich Propsom has created new trail maps for the upcoming winter cross county skiing/snowshoeing/hiking season. He has added some new trails and modified others to expand and meet the increasing demand for winter recreation. There even is a trail going by our newly constructed gazebo in the Maki Arboretum so trail users can rest and enjoy the view.

Hopefully, by the time you read this, our landscape will have taken on a bright new white appearance. As you enjoy this season of fellowship and sharing, I hope you can help support our efforts through both monetary donations and by volunteering so that we all can navigate a course into our future of environmental education and stewardship.

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Dick Weidman,
President, Board of Directors at Crossroads

Ski & Snowshoe for Free at Crossroads

Thursday, Saturdays, and Sundays from 1:00-3:30 – whenever snow is adequate.

Thanks to volunteers from Friends of Crossroads and Door County Silent Sports, ski and snowshoeing equipment will be available, free of charge, to Door County residents and visitors. We are grateful to Door County Medical Center for grants to help defray the cost of trail maintenance. Snow conditions allowing, Ski and Multi-use Trails always are free and open to the public.

Celebrate Water Door County

Celebrate Water is a county-wide year-long series of activities to celebrate Door County’s Water, understand the threats to our water, and inspire people to act and protect our water. It is an initiative of Healthy Water Door County, a fund of the Door County Community Foundation. Celebrate Water was the inevitable choice for the Crossroads Educational Theme for 2018.

Water Education

Water always has been integral part of Crossroads programming. This year, we will continue to present water issues to learners of all ages. School field trips, Earth Day celebrations and many of our programs will celebrate water.

Service Projects and Activities

We will encourage youth groups to take part in water related service projects and activities. The Friends of Crossroads already are planning to present a Water-Fest event for families, probably in the fall.

Celebrate Water Clearinghouse

Crossroads will collect and disseminate information lesson plans, discussion guides, AV resources, and speaker lists. We will share our materials or direct you to others who can help you.

Program Venue

We will offer our lecture hall and meeting room, free of charge, to organizations wishing to sponsor Celebrate Water-sanctioned programs.

Water Research

Researchers from ERIC (the Environmental Research and Innovation Center at UW-Oshkosh) in collaboration with Door County Public Health, will continue to use the Crossroads labs for beach water sample analysis and water quality research.

Swale System for Watershed Restoration

Thanks to generous grants from the 1923 Fund and Cellcom Green Gifts, we have the funds to create a swale system – a connected chain of ponds – which will drain excess water from the Door County Historical Society’s Heritage Village, Collins Learning Center
and parking lot areas and channel it into Big Creek, restoring the original drainage pattern.

Archaeology by the Water

In 2018, our Middle School Archaeological Dig will focus on water. During our last three digs, archaeologists and students have concluded that The Cove site probably was a seasonal camp – and that native people inhabited this special place—probably for
millennia – because of the water.

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Celebrate Water Door County

Students observe the flow of Big Creek down to Sturgeon Bay waters

An Amazing Autumn

Gifts made from August 1 through Thanksgiving, 2017

Since September 1st Crossroads at Big Creek has:

  • Offered 21 School Field Trips.
  • Hosted 56 Adult Education Programs for (in order of programs) Door County Historical Society, Wild Ones of the Door Peninsula, Climate Change Coalition of Door County, Door County Land Trust, Write On Door County, Learning in Retirement, Door County Mental Health and the Beekeepers of Door County.
  • Presented the 2017 Sustainability Fair, a project of Sustain Door and Door County Thrive.
  • Sponsored the Annual Middle School Archaeological Dig.
  • Held a High School Cross-country Meet.
  • Added a Snowy Owl to our Wisconsin Wildlife Display (and a live one has been seen at The Cove).
  • Participated in the Door Peninsula Astronomical Society’s Astronomy Day at the Astronomy Campus.
  • Installed a Water Fountain/Bottle Filler (thanks to Door County Medical Center).
  • Added Lights to our “green” parking lot.
  • AND… Received Gifts from the generous people and foundations listed on this page.

$10,000 and up

Don and Coggin Heeringa
Portland Trust II

$5,000 – $9,999

Joan and Brian Wake Fund**
Door Property Owners Charitable Fund**

$2,500 – $4,999

Door County Medical Center

$1,000 – $2,499

Dennis and Bonnie Connolly
Judy and David Ward

$500 – $999

Barbara and Christopher Bullock
Cellcom Green Gifts
Ed and Cindy Koutnik
Ellsworth and Carla Peterson
Charitable Foundation
Ann and David Harsh
Master Gardeners of Door County
Ivy Nelson
Patsy Stierna

$250 – $499

Dan and Bonnie Balch*
Jim and Barbara Bunning
James L. Hoehn and Nancy Goldberg
Michael and Connie Glowacki
Marilyn Liebe
Alesandra Moede
Barb and Jeff Otum*
Gretchen Schmelzer
Reliable Auto Sales Inc.
Kerry Vavra
Norm and Mabel Watkins

$100 – $249

Edson and Loretta Allen
Jane Bruesch
Gerald and Bernice Bernstein
CTI Hospitality
June Ehrbar
Bill and Sarah Freyman
Barbara amd Gary Henkelmann
DeAnne Hoffmann
Judy and Lew Juadis
Arlene Lenius
Vicki Dirst and Allan Miller
Suraiy Javid
Robert and Janice King
Nan and Jerry Krause
Margi Larsen
Nancy Mattke
Paul and Marilyn Mahlberg
Caroline and Steve Polster
Greg Ristow
Bob and Sue Ryan
Bill and Mary Jo Schaars
Lee Somerville
Michael and Barbara Sweeney
Wendy and Sue Woldt
Beth and John Yount
Dwight and Pam Zeller

$50 – $99

Lois and David Cahoy
Pete and Carol Clikeman
George and Margaret Collier
Marvin and Susan DeJardin
Ralph Erickson
Emery and Pam Freiberg
Kathy Green
Marjorrie Grutzmacher
Jane Guthrie
Barb and Doug Henderson
Daniel Herrbold
Carol Hobson
Roger and Susan Hoene
Susan and Leon Hoffman
Brian and Lori Holtz
Dale and Joan Jeanquart
John and Karen Kierstyn
Lucy Kile
Polly Knudsen
Marsha and Stene Kryzanowski
Lois and Douglas Kurshner
Paul Lambeck
Valerie and Jim Maki
Joyce Miller
Keith and Sherry Mutchler
Susan Nelson
R. John Propsom
Glen and Karen Reichard
Betsy Rossberg
Janet Stoops Schuh
Bela and Ruth Sandor
Margaret Sankey
Carrie Sherrill
Peter and Gloria Jean Sigmann
Dennis and Marguerite Skahen
Tom and Barbara Voegele
Rob and Cathy Vuksanovic
James and Regina Webb
George and Kathleen Wawrzyniak
Wycer Trust

$1 – $49

Greg and Cathy Bolin
Randy Bumgarder
Peggy Castens
Rose Coisman
Cathy Eckers
Travis Grooters
Jerry and Mary Lou Guth
Nicole Herbst
Roger and Suan Hoene
Deborah Jeanquart
Joe and Andria Kiciak
Tammy Kroll
Nanette Anschutz
Heidi Bader
Jeannie Barnad
John and Carol Bartoszek
Pat Blizel
Marsha and Steve Kryzanowski
Jo Ellen Mcavoy
Greg and Marsha Meisner
Marsha and Thomas Nickols
John and Mary Nielsen
Betty Ostram
Matt Propsom
Ann Quale
Alan and Shirley Romas
John Rosenthal
Carrie Sherrill
Jeanne Schopf
Edward Schriner-Schmitt
Jane Stoops Schuh
Scott Steebs
Geraldine Szuberla
Jim Tellstrom
Ken and Peg Turk
Dale and Jeanne Vogel
Russell and Linda Weber
John and Jane Whitney
Jolene Wilson
Cliff Wind
Janet Zieman

*A fund of the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation
**A fund of the Door County Community Foundation

Crossroads at Big Creek

Special Thanks!

Jo and Lori Cedzo
Door County Community Foundation
Door County Advocate
Door County Historical Society
Door County Silent Sports Alliance
Jason Feldman
Friends of Crossroads
Lake Michigan Wind and Sun
LfpDesign! LLC
Jim Maki
Midwest Archaeological Consultants
Peninsula Pulse
Raibrook Foundation
Sunrise Ambassadors
WDOR Radio

2017 Business Members

Ask about this great giving opportunity

$500 Level

C & S Manufacturing
Lenius Financial Services
Meissner Landscape Inc.
Ross Estate Planning
W E Builders
Wulf Brothers / HiTec Fabrications

$250 Level

Eagle Mechanical
Nicolet National Bank
Pinkert Law Firm LLP
Reliable Auto Sales
Trolley Tours of Door County

$100 Level

Bayside Home Medical
LfpDesign! LLC
Synergy Heating and Cooling


In Memory of…

Georgiana Bourgouin
Judy and Lew Juadis
Todd and Joan Wilson

Craig Haviland
Judy and Lew Juadis

Ed Ireland
Judy and Lew Juadis

Diane Jome
Marjorie Grutzmacher
Judy and Lew Juadis

Karl May
Jim and Valerie Maki
Coggin Heeringa

Rupert Koelling
Beth and John Yount

Ray Stonecipher
Bob Ryan

Kathy Vavra
Nanette Anschutz
Greg and Catherine Bolin
Larry and Martha Burris
Marcia and Thomas Nickols
John and Mary Nielsen
R. John Propsom
Alan and Shirley Romas
Betsy Rossberg
Ruth and Bela Sandor
Earl and Bonnie Sandstrom
Gretchen Schmelzer
Carrie Sherrill
Peter and Jeannie Sigmann
Lee Somerville
Jane Stoops Schuh
Trudy Toft and Mark Dupuy
Ken and Peggy Turk
Dale and Jeanne Vogel
George and Kathleen Wawrzyniak
Russel and Linda Weber
John and Jane Whitney
Wendy and Sue Woldt
Wycer Trust

In Honor of…

Dr. David Bertler
Dennis and Marguerite Skahen

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Holiday Appeal

Holiday Appeal, Annual Appeal, Year-end Appeal… whatever.

“Appeal” is defined as “a serious, urgent, or heartfelt request.”
So whatever we call it, we hope to raise $35,000 between Thanksgiving and
New Year’s Eve, in order to achieve our mission and ensure financial stability.

Understand that Crossroads receives no tax support of any kind, and though we receive generous grant support, those funds are usually designated for special projects. We truly depend on gifts from the community to underwrite our programs and to maintain our preserves.

Other Ways to Help:

Middle School Archaeological Dig

Door County Archaeological Digs2017 was the fifth year that students from T.J. Walker Middle School participated in an Archaeological dig at Crossroads. Two years ago, Sevastopol joined the project, and Southern Door has indicated that they want to dig in 2018.

While students participate in the excavation, they work under careful supervision by professional archaeologists who already have conducted exacting preliminary research including literature searches, soil analysis and lake levels studies. Any investigation without such oversight could result in site desecration.

We are hoping to raise $7,000 [the costs of salaries, lodging, per diem, insurance, travel and materials for a team of four or five archaeologists] to engage Midwest Archaeological Consultants for eight days so that our middle school excavations are done according to scientific and professional standards during the fall of 2018.

AV Equipment

The Crossroads lecture hall is used by school and youth groups and for adult educational programs, community meetings and environmental presentations. The projector and DVD player were replaced five years ago, but much of the equipment is fifteen years old and often difficult to use. Designated gifts would enable the purchase of a much needed user-friendly and fully integrated audiovisual system.

Education and Events

Special programs and events cost money. Gifts to this fund enable us to pay for the materials and extra costs associated with Our Celebrate Water activities and other special events.


Rather than money, many people give the gift of time. Our volunteer arm, Friends of Crossroads, always is looking for new members. The Friends of Crossroads makes Crossroads the special place it has become. Friends sponsor the Crossroads Trail Run and Ski-for-Free, organize the library, host events, help staff the office, pull weeds and invasive species, maintain trails, help with mailing and a myriad other necessary tasks. If you would like to learn more about Friends of Crossroads, check the box on the opposite page and we will contact you.

2018 Educational Theme – “Celebrate Water”

2018 Goals:

  • Conduct a Board Visioning Retreat
  • Create swale system
  • Landscape parking lot
  • Naturalize entrance
  • Install ADA compliant toilets and grab bars
  • Purchase display screen for Collins Learning Center entrance
  • Upgrade AV system
  • Improve trail signage/signs for The Cove and Ida Bay preserves
  • Renovate exterior and bathroom lighting (2018 Energy Project)
  • Begin planning for bridge upgrades
  • Continue Archaeological Dig
  • And of course, Celebrate Water

Download a pdf of our Winter 2017 newsletter

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