Fall 2013 Newsletter

Message from the President

Engagment Announcement

Engagements are always monumental times in our lives. Usually, two people of similar interests and thought, announce their intentions to commit themselves to a long lasting relationship. Here at Crossroads we constantly celebrate engagements.

People becoming engaged to projects and events at Crossroads have led to many long lasting and productive marriages. Some of our engagements this summer included:

  • Researchers from UW-Oshkosh were engaged in water quality and beach testing.
  • Master Gardeners and the Sturgeon Bay Home and Garden Club have loved and cherished our Heritage Garden.
  • Door Peninsula Astronomical Society landscaped the Utah Street Entrance, plan to add a parking lot to the Astronomy Campus and will partner with Crossroads to present Astronomy Day 2013 on October 12.
  • Collin Mirkis, Mike Everett and Scott Mathison have made a commitment to become Eagle Scouts by doing projects at Crossroads.
  • Friends of Crossroads and an array of sponsors (see page 5) presented another successful Running Green Event and …
Watch our web site for an upcoming very important engagement announcement which, if all goes as planned, will lead to a very long lasting marriage of Crossroads and a close neighbor.

Being engaged is a great feeling, especially to such a wonderful partner as Crossroads. We at Crossroads are ready and able to help you with your engagement announcement which we hope will lead to long and fulfilling marriage to our mission of Learning and Living.

Enjoy the coming Fall Season.

Dick Weidman,
President, Crossroads Board of Directors

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More Space for Learning

storage buildingConstructing our Maintenance Building was only half of the project! By emptying the lower level of the Collins Learning Center of vehicles and shop equipment, Crossroads can focus on the second objective of creating an additional and much needed education space.

The inclination is to call in the volunteers and start slapping paint on the walls and throwing up temporary dividers, but we want to do it right. Thanks to grants and designated gifts, we were able to engage Marc Isaksen Design, LLC to create a schematic design for our proposed education space.

Before we begin preliminary talks with the architect, we come to you for opinions and ideas. Friends of Crossroads and Crossroads Board members have contributed the ideas below. But we want input from a variety of people who believe in our mission and who use our facilities. We invite you to participate in our planning by filling out the questionnaire below. (Please return it in the envelope provide or if you prefer, call 920-746-5895 to discuss your ideas.)

What Would You Value in the Lower Level Education Space?

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A Half Year of Generosity

Gifts from Januar y 1 – June 30, 2013
(Gifts from th e s econd h a l f o f the year will be listed in our holiday issue)

$10,000 and above

  • Paul and Fran Burton
  • Don and Coggin Heeringa

$5,000 to $9,999

  • Anonymous

$2,500 to 4,999

  • Ministry Door County Medical Center
  • $1,000 to 2,499
  • Father Anthony Birdsall
  • Meissner Family Foundation
  • MMG Foundation

$500 to 999

  • Lee and Susan Basten
  • Door County Master Gardeners
  • Grace and Bruce Frudden
  • Fran and Arliss Everson
  • Diane Jome
  • Bob and Carol Moellenberndt

$250 to 499

  • Anonymous
  • Bonnie and Daniel Balch
  • Herb Kohl Charities
  • Katie (Claire) Malvetz
  • Ray Stonecipher
  • Norman and Mabel Watkins

$100 to 249

  • Birmingham Builders
  • Mary Ann Blahnik
  • Bob and Nancy Davis
  • Anonymous
  • Eagle Mechanical
  • Edith Fulkerson
  • Bill and Cleida Galligan
  • John and Chris Guenther
  • Jane Guthrie
  • Dave Jordal and Linda Hinkston
  • Howard Hintze
  • Robert and Rebecca Hoover
  • Huehns Funeral Home
  • James and Elsbeth Knutson
  • Norb and Pat Lenius
  • Nancy Mattke
  • Jan Olson
  • Madelyn Ostrand
  • Eric and Dee Paulsen
  • Bill and Barb Perloff
  • Kathy Rowe
  • Anonymous
  • Gordon and Diane Saron
  • Gretchen Schmelzer
  • Daniel Tomaszewski
  • James and Donna Urban
  • Terry Ulman/Door County Candy
  • Rob and Cathy Vuksanovic
  • Joan and Brian Wake
  • David and Judith Ward
  • Mari and Dick Weidman
  • John and Carol Zago
  • Dwight and Pam Zeller

$50 – 99

  • Jeanne Barnard
  • Pat Blizel
  • Randy Bumgardner
  • Barb Chisholm
  • Margaret and George Collier
  • Mike and Sue Eliason
  • Harold and Catherine Gerdmann
  • John M. Glessner
  • Earl and Ruth Hellamnn
  • Mel and Ruth Henrichs
  • Nicole Herbst
  • Carol Hobson
  • Brian and Lori Holtz
  • Dave Holzinger
  • Karen Johnson
  • Paul and Kanani King
  • Cathy Laba
  • Arlene Lenius
  • Ellen Looker
  • Roy and Charlotte Lukes
  • Marion Mailand
  • Joyce Miller
  • Gretchen Montee
  • Matthew Propsom
  • Anna Quale
  • John Rosenthal
  • Jeanne Schopf
  • Edward Schriner-Schmitt
  • Thomas and Margaret Schueppert
  • Carol and Pete Schuster
  • Bernice Shumway
  • Brent Sieling and Megan Schleisman
  • Kay Stack
  • Scott Steebs
  • Trish Stocking
  • Scott Wake
  • Randy Watermolen
  • Carmen Youra
  • John and Carol Zago

$1 to 49

  • Heidi Bader
  • Cheryl Choronzy
  • Rose Coisman
  • Cathy Eckers
  • Travis Grooters
  • Dori and David Holzinger
  • Deborah Jeanquart
  • Tammy Kroll
  • Thomas and Suzanne Kuffel
  • Connie and Chris Larsen
  • Roger and Sara Pinkert
  • Bill and Sonja Polster
  • Rachel Pratt
  • Belinda Richard
  • Debra Swanson
  • Jim Telstrom
  • Jolene Wilson
  • Cliff Wind

In Memory Of

Tom Austad

John Collins
Catherine Tilden

Mary Dorchester
Philip Dorchester

Ruth G. Edwards
Lee and Susan Basten
Coggin Edwards Heeringa
Jane Guthrie
Howard H. Hintze
Lori and Brian Holtz
Curt and Evelyn Mingle
Eric and Dee Paulsen
Jan Olson
Carmen Youra

Bud Evenson

Carol and Barry Hobson Family
Jim and Valerie Maki

Leif Everson

Bill and Sonja Polster

George Gay

Jim and Valerie Maki

Hervey and Anne Hauser

Gerry and Denice Bernstein

Claire Hogan

Eric and Dee Paulsen

Elymira “Elly” LeRoy

The Hobson Family

Omer Mickelson


Leroy and Claire Olsen

Susan Nelson

Herb Peterson

John and Janis Anderson
Suzanne and Tom Kuffle

George Pinney

Jim and Valerie Maki

Frances Ranson

Chris and Connie Larsen

Matt Scheinder

Dee and Eric Paulsen

Marion Schuster

Don and Coggin Heeringa
Jan Olson
Pete and Carol Schuster

Mary Walter

Eric and Dee Paulsen
Brian and Joan Wake

In Honor Of

Luke’s Outdoor Classroom

Tim and Barb Graul

Sunset School Staff

Jeanne Barnard
In honor of Rebecca and Josh Kerwin

Brian Wake

Scott Wake
John and Carol Zago

Joan Wake

Scott Wake
John and Carol Zago

Thank You To

Funding for Phase I Archaeological Survey

Fran and Paul Burton
The Raibrook Foundation
Don and Coggin Heeringa
MMG Foundation

Funding for the Education Space Project

Peter G. Horton Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust
Meissner Family Foundation
Friends of Crossroads
Herb Kohl Charities

Very Special Thanks to:

Little Hoppers
Ministry Door County Medical Center
Master Gardeners of Door County
Door County Advocate
Door County Daily News.com
Door Peninsula Astronomical Society
Peninsula Pulse
UW-Oshkosh Microbiology Department

Running Green/Walking White

running green crossroads

Photo by David Harsh

Running Green for Crossroads 2013 was, in all ways, a success. The run was conceived as a way to introduce the concepts of sustainability to the community. But we are becoming increasingly aware that exercise in nature has significant mental health benefits. But what about exercise in winter?

For years, as a part of their wellness initiative, Ministry Door County has underwritten year round  trail maintenance at Crossroads. Friends of Crossroads promoted winter exercise by loaning skis and snowshoes to the community – free of charge – on Sunday afternoons.

running green runnersObviously, we don’t want people to walk on ski trails, so we also have groomed a designated hiking trail. But that trail was long and for the most part, traversed upland fields and meadows. In fall these areas are stunningly beautiful, but on blustery winter days, we have our own frozen tundra.

To make winter walking more accessible, we have now re-designated Ole’s Trail (between the parking lot and the Astronomy Campus) as a year-round walking trail. And with funding from Ministry and labor provided by Boy Scout Troop 222, we have created a trail through the woods, just east of our new maintenance building. This year, Walking in a Winter Wonderland may be your path to wellness.

Thank you to our Running Green sponsors!

Presenting Sponsor

Ministry Door County Medical Center

Major Sponsors

Evergreen Nursery
Sturgeon Bay Utilities
Friends of Crossroads
LAKESHORES Landscape and Design

Red-Osier Dogwood Sponsor

Animal Clinic of Sturgeon Bay, LLC
Northern Door Pet Clinic
Whitetails Unlimited, Inc.
Rural Mutual Insurance, Del Herrbold
Anytime Fitness
DBA Tadych’s Econofoods
Pinkert Law Firm LLP

Black-eyed Susan Sponsor

Dr Shaun and Sue Melarvie
Heidi and Dan Tomaszewski Family
Ross Wealth Management
Bluefront Café
State Farm Insurance Companies
Associated Bank
Insurance Center of Sturgeon Bay
Bay Pharmacy
Wally and Kathy Laba
Jim and Val Maki
Deb Whitelaw-Gorski
Gretchen Schmelzer
Natural Creations
Tim Graul Marine Services

Award Donations

Evergreen Nursery
Keith Carter of Clay on Steele
Henschel Farms
Jim Maki and Deb Whitelaw-Gorski
LAKESHORES landscape and design
Wienkes Market

Door Prizes

Door County Natural Creations
Dan Swanson
Keith Carter of Clay on Steele
Sturgeon Bay Utilities


Schopf’s Dairy View Country Store
Lautenbach Orchards
The Black Walnut Guest House

Medical Services

Ministry Door County Medical Center


Thank you to WDOR and Eddie Allen for hosting us on his talk show.

Thank you to Bob and LuAnn Desotelle, Mike and Kim Herlache, and the Ostrand-Harding Families for sharing their land with us and making the 10K trail run possible.

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Archaeological Survey at Crossroads

Archaeological surveying

Photo by Randy Dickson

We know that Native People have visited the land we now call Crossroads since the end of the last Ice Age, and we always have had the feeling that at some time, prehistoric peoples may have lived on the preserve. Multiple springs would have been an attractive feature.

So strong was our belief, that before we paved our parking lot and built the Collins Learning Center, we conducted an archaeological survey under the direction of Dr. Victoria Dirst. A shovel testing regimen was conducted between the parking lot and Big Creek, and it revealed some artifacts which indicated a Middle to Late Archaic Native American component.

As they looked forward to reforestation and trail building projects throughout the property, the Board of Directors of Crossroads agreed that it was appropriate to survey the rest of the land. We obtained a proposal from Midwest Archaeological Consultants of Sturgeon Bay for a Phase I Intensive Archaeological Survey of the Crossroads property.

Through grants and gifts, we obtained enough money to start the project…but not enough to survey the entire property. So, we had to ask ourselves, should we just grid the entire land and work until we run out of funds? Should we survey the areas where we suspect evidence of habitation is most likely?

Archaeological youth sifting

Photo by Amy Dickson

Or should we survey the specific areas that are slated for disturbance?

Last spring, as a part of their Earth Day Celebration, the students of Sunrise School planned to plant trees in the area east of the Astronomy Campus. For that reason, the Crossroads Board decided to have an archaeological survey conducted upon that parcel before we established a forest, and then to use the remainder of the funds to survey other areas around Big Creek.

Archaeological adult sifting

Photo by Amy Dickson

The archeologists found small flakes of stone up on the high ground in the southeast corner of Crossroads that could be consistent with a very short-term occupation site, but they did not find evidence of a more permanent campsite/village. So the Sunrise students went ahead and planted 380 trees.

Early in September, archaeologists from Midwest Archaeological Consultants began the preliminary portion of their project by shooting a N/S line with a transit with which to form a grid along both sides of the creek corridor.

This October, we plan to implement a shovel testing regimen along the grid in a systematic attempt to locate prehistoric sites. This is when our outreach/educational efforts will begin, and we want to include all interested learners. Specific dates will be weather-determined, but if you would like to participate, call 746-5895 to sign up for a time, or “Like us” on Facebook. We will post our schedules as soon as we know them.

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Astronomy Day 2013

The Moon

Saturday, October 12 2:00-4:00 PM

Family Activities (includes daytime moon viewing)
Collins Learning Center and the Astronomy Campus*

7:00 PM – Presentation
“New Theories on the Origin of the Moon”
Collins Learning Center Featuring Dr. Ray Stonecipher

8:00-11:00 PM

Viewing of the Moon and Night Sky Leif Everson Observatory and StarGarden*

Free and Open to the Public.

* Please use the Utah Street Entrance to reach the Crossroads Astronomy Campus

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