Minutes, Friends Meeting April 2013


Friends of Crossroads’ Minutes

Monday April 1, 2013 6: 30 Collins Learning Center


Pres: Gretchen Schmelzer, VP: Patsy Stierna, Sec: Barb Graul  Treas: Jane Guthrie, Member Chair: Nelson Whyatt, Wk Crew Coord: needed

Members present: Ray Stonecipher, Maddie Ostrand, Arliss Everson, Jane Guthrie, John Munch, Gretchen Schmelzer, Coggin, Barb Graul


Call Meeting to Order at 6:30

Motion to Accept Agenda as amended under new business by Barb, 2nd Ray

Motion to Accept Minutes of  March 4, 2013 with corrections by Coggin, 2nd Jane

Treasure’s Report                    March 1 balance          $2330.03

Deposits (3 Memb)            25,00

Dispursements                   23.74

April 1 2013 balance   $2331.29    accepted Ray, 2nd Maddie


Old Business

Walk When the Moon is Full!   Saturday April 27, 8:00 pm  Coggin will publicize

Friends council fire ring utensils

  • Reviewed prices for grill      baskets, pie irons, popcorn baskets, marshmallow sticks, etc. LL Bean best      quality.  We already have 20 forks      for marshmallows and hotdogs.  Will      buy 2/4 qt stainless popcorn baskets and wait to buy pie irons until we      see response by fire pit users—do they use our equipment? 
  • Crossroads will pay for      the 8 gal in stainless water backpack, Friends will have access to this      equipment. ($259.95)


Planting Trees

  • Building and Grounds is      ready for the $500 to buy trees, Evergreen is offering mixed culls in      quart containers at $1 each.  Greg      Meisner will help determine planting sites.
  • Planting Party:  it was decided to ask Building and      Grounds to organize the planting party, with friends providing the      labor.  Possible date: Day of      Caring, May 11
  • Post the dates onVolunteerDoorCounty:  Coggin


Vice President and Work Crew Nominations

  • Nominations needed for      Vice President
  • Work Crew- passing it back      to Buildings and Grounds—-see planting trees above


Running Green for Crossroads   on Eddy Allen’s program in March and will be again in April

  • Sponsorships going strong, ahead of last year
  • Stencil Name on Tents and empty sand bags–grauls
  • Packet Assembly, Wednesday June 19, 6:00 till done
  • Volunteer Meeting Mandatory, Thursday June 21, 6:00-7:00

New Business

Volunteer Needs for April/May

            Day of Caring May 11

Week of April 22 to deep clean before Safe Lawns presentation

Lower level space need matching funds to apply for space planning grant, anonymous board member will donate $1000, moved by Maddie, 2nd by Jane that Friends give $500.

Need to design wastebasket that encompasses both recycling and garbage


Door Prize Drawing  Coggin won 1 dozen organic eggs from Gretchen’s chickens



Next Friends Meeting: May 6, 2013 at 6:30, John Collins Learning Center

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