Minutes February 10, 2015

Friends of Crossroads’ Minutes

Tuesday, February 10, 2015 6:00 Collins Learning Center


Pres: TBA  V.P: Gretchen Schmelzer Sec: Barb Graul,  Treas: Joan Wake   Member Chair: Carol Schuster

Members present: Carol Schuster, Brian & Joan Wake, Dave Young, John & Nancy Munch, Maddie Ostrand, Gretchen Schmelzer, Tim & Barb Graul, Coggin, Ray Stonecipher


Call Meeting to Order by Gretchen 6:03

Motion to Accept Agenda as amended by Joan, 2nd Nancy

Motion to Accept Minutes of January 13, 2015 by Carol, 2nd Maddie

Treasure’s Report: Treasurer Joan Wake

            Jan. 1, 2015                            $1,598.02

            Deposits                                    $   390.00

            Expenditures                           $   114.62

            Balance Feb.1, 2015                $1,873.40

Old Business

Crossroads Ski-for-Free Update: New Posters, 20 Year Anniversary ideas (not discussed)

Posters are up, will add logo of Silent Sports (need to determine their long term commitment)

Trails are poor reflecting the lack of snow; we do have a few skiers.


YMCA FROZEN Event February 28  Since this is aY” event, only 3 or 4 will be needed inside from 4-7.


Open Fire Ring Gatherings: Decided to try the 2nd Friday through July at the fire ring toasting marshmallows.  Will review results in late summer.


Kent Krueger for BIG READ, Ordinary Grace: 225 people attended, many commented that it was their first time at Crossroads.  Discussed Tim’s request for better lighting and safety gear for night events, driveway and volunteer are difficult to see.  Crossroads board is planning a sign and downward light in the trees.  For now, the friends gave Tim permission to buy 4 reflector vests, 2 flashlight batons, and solar lights to place at the entrance.


Officer Elections  According to our bylaws, Gretchen has been President longer than allowed.  She moved to VP, next month we hope to have a volunteer for President from the Crossroads board.  Joan Wake accepted a second year as treasurer.  Carol will remain as Membership Chair.

New Business  Algoma has invited Friends to participate in their April 11 bird city celebration, Gretchen will call for info.

Volunteer Needs for Feb/Mar: 

Feb 14 2-4 Space Race Family Fair (Maddie, Joan, Nancy, Coggin).  In spring we need to stain benches and weed at amphitheatre.  Bench may need repair.  $500 in trees to plant, board to decide where. Wetland has Ash Borer, Eagle Scout has plan to pull out buckthorn and plant moisture loving trees.


Door Prize Drawing:  Maddie won the chili/cherry chocolate bar that she shared


Adjournment: at 7:05 by Barb, 2nd Carol


Next Friends Meeting: March 10, at 6:00, John Collins Learning Center

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