Friends Minutes -September 2012


Friends of Crossroads’ Minutes

Monday September 10, 20126:30 Meeting Collins Learning Center


Pres: Gretchen Schmelzer, VP: Patsy Stierna, Sec: Barb Graul Treas: Jane Guthrie, Membership Ch: Nelson Whyatt, Work Crew Crd needed

Members present: Arliss & Fran Everson, Brian & Joan Wake, Jane Guthrie, Cathy Laba, Patsi Sterna, Coggin Heeringa, Gretchen Schmelzer, Jim Maki, Maddie Ostrand, Susan Basten, Barb Graul, John &Nancy Munch 


Call Meeting to Order: 6:35

Motion to Accept Agenda: moved by Joan, 2nd by Cathy

Motion to Accept Minutes of August 6, 2012: moved by Maddie, 2nd by Arliss that they be accepted with the $ amount of Pat Olson gift to $600.

Treasure’s Report:  August 1 balance $1511.84, not deposits or disbursements, Sept 1 balance $1511.84

Moved by Cathy, 2nd by Patsi


Old Business

Outdoor Work Crew Projects: need coordinator, Byrons have moved

  •  Weeding Needs: this week before wedding at amphitheater, gardens except one in back—yellow jackets.
  • Reseal Bridges:
  • Buckthorn Removal: small groups work best.  Need crews to widen trails to prepare for skiing.


Running Green for Crossroads: Update of 2012 event, event cleared $5,000, thank you Gretchen

Changes for June 22, 2013 bring back chip timing, will have certified (measured) trail, Colleen Elliott as volunteer for communication


T-Shirts: Collect orders.  Thank you Cathy and Patsi. Moved by Joan, 2nd by Susan to order 6 (2 each of M, L, XL) extra to take advantage of price break. $60 set fee.


Friends Website Articles/Information:

Family History Day: Craft and Market at the Village; Oct. 6, do not need donation from Friends. “Let’s Play Village” instead of Civil War.


Astronomy Day October 20:ocus on Solar featuring Sundial and galaxy solar collector.  “Celebrate the Sun”.  Dedication 1:00, 2-4 activities 2-4, night viewing, need volunteers.


Easy to Move Folding Tables:  Susan will buy 1 6’ long table from Sam’s Club to determine quality. 

New Business

Founders Day: Dedication of the John Collins Memorial, Council ring …no date yet.  Suggested that

Friends have campfire to remember Pat Olson.  The Hidden classroom is complete.  Wild Ones will seed.


Full Moon Winter Snowshoe, Run, Ski:  Possible date Sunday Jan 27th. Council ring for hot chocolate


Volunteer Needs for September:  needs will be emailed to membership.  Plant trees (culls from Evergreen), $500 from Rotary.  Refrig needs to be cleaned.  Greeter needed for Sept 21–Maddie


Door Prize Drawing: Susan won a jar of mushrooms


Adjournment: Brian, 2nd Maddie


Next Friends Meeting: October 1, 2012 at 6:30, John Collins Learning Center

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