Friends Minutes March 2016


Friends of Crossroads Minutes  
Tuesday, February 9, 2016, 6:00
Collins Learning Center
Pres/VP: TBA; Sec: Cindy Follick; Treas: Joan Wake; Mem. Chair: Carol Schuster

Members present: Gretchen Schmelzer, Cindy Follick, Linda Walczak, Joan & Brian Wake, Gretchen Wilson, Coggin Heeringa

The meeting was called to order by acting president Gretchen Schmelzer.
Motion to accept the agenda by Coggin, 2nd  Gretchen W.
Motion to accept the minutes of January 5, 2015 by Brian, 2nd Cindy.
Treasurer’s Report by Joan Wake: No activity in November or December.
Balance Jan 1, 2015         $1,777.92
Deposits                                     35.00
Expenditures                             49.00
Balance Feb 1, 2015         $1,736.92
Motion to accept the report by Gretchen W., 2nd Brian.

Old Business

  • Ski Program: This program is very popular, with participation way up over last year.  Crossroads has received $532 in donations from skiers since the first of the year.  These donations are put into the restricted Ski-For-Free line item, which currently totals $17,803.50.  Trail conditions are posted on the website.
  • Trail Run:  Scheduled for June 18. Sponsorship letters will go out tomorrow. There are 3 co-race directors.  They are working with a new timing company this year.
  • Memorials: The Collins family asked that donations go toward operations.  They do not seem interested in a plaque or other memorial for Helen.  Motion to contribute $100 to the Crossroads general fund by Joan, 2nd Brian.
  • Ray Stonecipher memorial: tabled.
  • Tree Planting Update: Joan is to write a check for $200 toward the wildlife corridor project.
New Business
Volunteer Opportunities:  Door County Reads Culture Fair Saturday, Feb. 13; Sand County Almanac Reads, Sunday, March 6 – need greeters/hosts at 1:30; EGGstravaganza, Saturday, March 26 – general helpers 1:00-3:00
Any time: Clean library, hospitality baskets in restrooms.

Hospitality baskets used to be a Friends activity.  Joan and Brian volunteered to purchase supplies.  They will ask Coggin for a list of items needed.  Motion to authorize the Wakes to spend up to $100 on hospitality items by Gretchen S., 2nd Brian.

TAP: Crossroads will get 20% of ticket revenues from the opening night performance of A Walk in the Woods, Thursday, March 31, 7:30pm.

Facilities:  Coggin showed her “dream plan” for the parking lot. It is to use permeable pavement which will drain to a retention pond, and then to the current duck pond.  Parking capacity would be doubled; the current lot is regularly filled to overflowing.  Lighting needs to be improved, with LED lights on motion sensors.

Rich Propsom has an idea to build a buffet with slots below to hold tables so they can be stored when not in use.  It will be on casters so it can be moved around.

Rich also suggested moving his shop and office upstairs in the maintenance building so the ski equipment can be downstairs where it will be easier to access.  He has already started moving his shop equipment.

Nominations:  Discussion of rotating positions.  Brian agreed to serve as meeting leader for March 8th.  Brian will prepare the agenda, and send to Gretchen S. for distribution.  Gretchen W. will lead the April 12th meeting.

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