Friends of Crossroads Minutes- January 2017

Friends of Crossroads Minutes

Monday, January 9, 2017, 6:30 PM

Collins Learning Center


Acting President: Brian Wake; VP: TBA; Sec: Cindy Follick; Treasurer: Joan Wake; Membership Chair: Carol Schuster.


Prior to the meeting the Christmas decorations were taken down and moved to the basement.


Sympathy card for Patsy Stierna, whose husband recently died, was passed around.


Members present:  Coggin Heeringa, Dave Young, Joan & Brian Wake, Pete and Carol Schuster, Tim Graul, Linda Walczak.


The meeting was called to order at 7:03 PM by Brian Wake. Coggin requested “focus group” to be added to the agenda under new business. Joan W made a motion to accept the agenda as amended, seconded by Tim G. Motion carried.


Motion to accept the minutes of November 14, 2016 was carried.


Treasurer’s Report by Joan Wake:  No change in the past two months. Checking account balance remains at $1307.14. Acceptance moved by Carol S, seconded by Coggin H, and carried.

Old Business

Ski for Free: 11 new pairs of skis/poles/boots were received from Nor Door; they have been processed.  Rich has rearranged things to make more room for ski distribution. When there was snow there were a number of participants. Check the website to see if the trails are open for skiing.


Trail Run: Planning is ongoing.


Tree Planting Update: Nothing new.


Crossroads Cove Dock: Frozen in. No jiggling. Dock is humped in places as expected by the weather, and not a problem.


Trails: Brian reported that Rich has done a great job on the trails. He especially enjoyed the new trail through the old dump area. Currently, there isn’t enough snow for skiing.


Parking lot update: Because of the 7 inch drop-off, the new area cannot be used for overflow parking this winter.


Friends Bench Dedication: Joan W presented the final wording on the plaques. Everyone felt this was well done. Cost of about $28.00 each for 6” X 8” gold/black signs approved. Digital copies to be sent to Lloyd Stache.



New Business


Narrow trail groomer: Rich has an old groomer which he would like to rehabilitate for use on narrow trails, cost to be less than a $100.00. Approved. Ski/Snowshoe for Free will cover the cost.


Volunteer Opportunities:

Mailing party for sending out membership forms on Monday the 16th at 10:30 AM. The year 2017 will be added to the form letter. Brochure and return envelope to be added. Greeters needed for February 8-22.


Focus group

     Earth Day films: Evening and afternoon works best.

Closet in downstairs meeting room: Rod with hangers most efficient.

Sculpture art at Crossroads: consensus was that it wouldn’t fit the natural look of the place.

Arboretum: ideas on what to do solicited.

Summer help: Volunteers and /or paid employee. Paid employee could be a full day (mornings cutting buckthorn, afternoons greeting visitors) or a half-day just greeting visitors for three hours. Pay would be $10.00/hour. High school student or student from UW-GB in natural resources?

Parking/turnaround for buses at Ida Bay property. Consensus was that it would facilitate bus traffic so they wouldn’t have to back up.

What should be the agenda/future projects? Silent sports building with heat, bathroom.

Election of Officers: Brian accepted the president’s position. Motion by Tim G, seconded by Coggin. Approved. When rounding up volunteers for February 8-22 (greeters) we should mention that we need a vice president.


Meeting adjourned at 8:07 PM.


Next meeting is February 13, 2017 at 6:30 PM.



Carol Schuster—Acting Secretary




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