Friends of Crossroads’ Meeting
Tuesday, April 14, 2015
Collins Learning Center 6:00
Pres: TBA V.P: Gretchen Schmelzer Sec: Barb Graul,
Treas: Joan Wake Member Chair: Carol Schuster
Call Meeting to Order
Motion to Accept Agenda
Motion to Accept Minutes of March 10, 2015
Treasure’s Report
Old Business
Big Ski Move: Update and Plans for 2015 winter season

Bird City, Algoma Event  April 11:  Outcome

Open Fire Ring Gatherings: April 10,Outcome: Next dates are May 8, June 12, July 10

Crossroads Trail Run: Update

Spring Clean Up: Date TBD ( plus staining of benches, and amphitheater work)

Officer Elections: President

New Business
Volunteer Needs for April/May:
Door Prize Drawing:
Next Friends Meeting: May 12, at 6:00, John Collins Learning Center

Friends of Crossroads’ Minutes for Tuesday, March 10, 2015, 
Present: Cindy Follick, Coggin Herringa, Pete Schuster, Carol Schuster, Cathy Laba, Dave Young, Gretchen Schmelzer

Call Meeting to Order
by Gretchen at 6:10 Motion to Accept Agenda by Cathy, seconded by Carol. Motion carried.

Motion to Accept Minutes of February 10, 2015 by Carol, seconded by Coggin. Motion carried.

Treasure’s Report: Tabled. Treasurer had forwarded her report, but VP left it at home. Oops!

Old Business

  • Crossroads Ski-for-Free update: 20 Year Anniversary celebration, Relocation plans Due to warm melting conditions, Ski-for-free celebration has been cancelled for this season. The Big Ski Move will take place on Sunday at 1:00 till finished. Schusters, Herringas, and Gretchen will bring vehicles for transportation of ski’s Gretchen and Coggin will send out a call for volunteers through social media, radio, and membership.
  • Bird City, Algoma Event birdcityalgoma.com: April 11, Algoma Youth Club along Lake Michigan, Doors open at 8:00 a.m. to the public, set up your table any time after 7:00 a.m. Weather permitting-tree planting demo at noon, bird watch or hike following, Sue Hepp, 920-487-3310 To be included in Volunteer needs E-mail, for signing up for shifts. Display needed and can be reused for the Sustainability Fair.
  • Space Race Family Fair Outcome: About 60 people attended and all who attended enjoyed the event, lower numbers due to foul weather, cold, 35 mile winds. Thank you Friend Volunteers!
  • YMCA FROZEN Event February 28: Outcome Successful! The whole place, indoor and outdoor was jumping with people and events. Thank you Friend Volunteers!
  • Open Fire Ring Gatherings: 2nd Friday through July Dates are: April 10, May 8, June 12, and July 10 To be included in Volunteer needs E-mail, for signing up for tasks.
  • Officer Elections: President, Tabled Designated Money for Tree Planting: $500 had previously been earmarked for tree planting projects. Carol made a motion to spend $250 on Boy Scout ash grove project and $250 toward the Jim Maki Arboretum. Pete seconded. Motion carried.

New Business

  • Volunteer Needs for Mar/April:
  1. Greeters needed, Burdock parties March 14, 21 9:00-11:00. To be included in Volunteer needs E-mail, for signing up for tasks.
  2. Sustainability Fair at Crossroads, April 16: Friends will have an information booth, Volunteers needed.
  • Kitchen Plan, Freezer in LowerLevel Learning Space: Friends reviewed kitchen plan, made suggestions. All suggested disposing of present outdated freezer. Suggested a smaller energy star chest freezer.
  • Door Prize Drawing: Cindy Follick won the Organic Almond with Sea Salt chocolate bar. Adjournment: 7:39 Carol motioned, Cath seconded. Motion carried.
  • Next Friends Meeting: April 14, at 6:00, John Collins Learning Center

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