About Crossroads

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Crossroads at Big Creek is a preserve for experiential lifelong learning focused on science, history and the environment.

The Mission of Crossroads at Big Creek

The Mission of Crossroads at Big Creek is to provide life-long, experience-based learning which will nurture historical and cultural appreciation, scientific curiosity and environmental awareness.

family astronomy programGoals

To accomplish this Mission, the goals of Crossroads at Big Creek are to provide:

Classes, lectures, programs, concerts, dramas, and visual arts activities that promote, for learners of all ages, an understanding of science, history and the environment.

A stimulating environment with state-of-the-art multimedia facilities where individuals can learn in an informal and interactive setting.

Indoor and outdoor laboratories, a greenhouse and a specialized library that encourage study and research in botany and the environmental sciences.

A historical center, developed and maintained by the Door County Historical Society, which presents Door County’s ethnic heritage, cultural development and land use decisions.

telescopeAn observatory and astronomy center that shares the experience of professional and amateur astronomers and members of the Door Peninsula Astronomical Society.

Outdoor trails and areas where groups and individuals can explore the world of nature by themselves or with an experienced naturalist and engage in environmentally gentle exercise and recreation.

Crossroads at Big Creek is a donor-supported 501-c(3) organization.

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